Citizen science is a unique opportunity to generate information on fish and waters at the Amazon Basin scale, and to involve citizens as informed and empowered stakeholders for the sustainable management of fisheries and the conservation of Amazonian wetlands.   

Photo: Diego Pérez/WCS
Photo: Diego Pérez/WCS

Citizen Science for the Amazon is a network of organizations collaborating to empower citizens and generate knowledge about fish and aquatic ecosystems in the Amazon Basin,

the world's largest freshwater system


September 8, 2019

Monitoring app makes young indigenous into scientists citizens

Society for Research and Environmental Protection / SAPOPEMA


In Aldeia Solimões in a few months the students got used to the platform that integrates data on the migratory process of fish that sail thousands of kilometers and pass through the lakes of the indigenous community located on the left bank of the Tapajós River in the Tapajós/Arapiuns extractive reserve.

June 3, 2019


Professors teach curriculum subjects taking Amazonian culture into the classroom

By Julia de Freitas and Vanessa Eyng


Teachers from the municipality of Tefé, in the Amazon, started the activities of the pedagogical project Amazon Basin: Connectivity, Migration and Citizen Science in the classroom. The objective of the program is to develop citizenship and environmental education through themes known to students living in the Middle Solimões region of Central Amazonia.The project gathered 34 organizations in order to launch an app aimed at widening the knowledge about conservation status of key fish species for food security and economic development in the region.