Citizen science is a unique opportunity to generate information on fish and waters at the Amazon Basin scale, and to involve citizens as informed and empowered stakeholders for the sustainable management of fisheries and the conservation of Amazonian wetlands.   

Photo: Diego Pérez/WCS
Photo: Diego Pérez/WCS

Citizen Science for the Amazon is a network of organizations collaborating to empower citizens and generate knowledge about fish and aquatic ecosystems in the Amazon Basin,

the world's largest freshwater system


November 21, 2020

Celebrating World Fisheries Day


World Fishing Day is celebrated on November 21. Through fishing, fishermen and fisherwomen guarantee the feeding of their families, generate economic resources for their sustenance and contribute to a large production chain of this important food resource for different populations.

November 17, 2020

Talking about basin levels

At first glance, rivers can be seen as lines flowing in their courses, delimited by their margins. But rivers influence the surrounding landscape, creating connections in very diverse ecosystems. Understanding these connections and classifying them is one way of making sense of the space. Watersheds are units that help us in that process and are used by agencies or authorities to manage freshwaters.