A local initiative to strengthen environmental stewardship.

Our main objective is to test an innovative citizen science approach to strengthen environmental stewardship citizenship in the Amazon of Puno, Peru. This consists of implementing a research proposal  to investigate a problem of interest to local citizens in order to ultimately devise a solution.




To achieve these goals, as part of the implementation of the Peruvian National School Curriculum, school research projects were developed based on the scientific method. Students had to observe and identify a problem, devise a methodology to investigate its causes, and collect and analyze data. This has generated renewed interest in the educational community on environmental issues.



1. Raise interest in environmental issues affecting the locality of San Juan del Oro and strengthen research capacity for 28 teachers and four directors of the educational institutions involved, together with 144 high school students.    


2. High school students have created and developed research on water quality issues in Tambopata and on best practices for growing coffee trees in local nurseries.


3. Students produced important information for their locality and presented their results to their families and local authorities.


4. Approximately 30% of students expressed interest in studying a career in environmental issues.


II.EE. La Divina Providencia

II.EE. Agropecuario,

II.EE. Agroindustrial Santa Ana

II.EE. Juan Velasco Alvarado


Local Educational Management Unit (UGEL)

Ministry of Education (MINEDU)

San Juan del Oro District Municipality, Puno

Wildlife Conservation Society    




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